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bobbin thread cutter - good or bad?

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My reconditioned Ultimate I has finally arrived, and has been assembled and is ready to use. When I bought the machine, I didn't ask for a thread cutter, and wasn't told that the machine had one. But when it arrived, I discovered that it did indeed have a thread cutter.

I'm wondering whether this really is a useful feature, or whether to remove it now? I'm used to bringing the bobbin thread to the top and clipping or burying it when I quilt on my DSM, so I'm not sure why I'd use the one on the Ult I. I've seen posts from several of you indicating that you have removed your thread cutter. If you have one and use it, how do you deal with the little remaining tails? If you have one and have removed it, why? Wouldn't it be easier to just not use it in case there was some future time when you WOULD want it?

The reason I'd like to decide soon is that I ordered a Hartley Base Expander (for a machine without thread cutter). If I keep the thread cutter, I'll have to return the base and replace it with one that is made to work with the thread cutter. If the thread cutter is a liability, I'll just take it off now and keep the base that has just arrived.

As usual, your excellent advice it appreciated.


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I like it because I don't have to put the base extender on if I'm using a very short ruler - it creates enough extra flat space that I can use the ruler on the left side.

A negative is that it hits the clamps if the backing is a little tight.

I don't like to go back and clip all my threads on the back, so I tend to not use it as a thread cutter - I bring my bobbin thread to the top and clip it. I use it for the cutting the basting threads.

I rent, and my renters all like using it.

All in all, I'm planning on keeping it.


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If you have never used one, you won't miss it.

A recent post considered this question and I believe Dawn said if you do remove it, keep it in a safe place to re-attach if/when you decide to sell your machine.

(psst--I use mine all the time. Especially off the edges. Why bring the thread up if you can just cut it underneath?)

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