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I want to thank the person who introduced me to sewing binding on while I am quilting with my longarm.

I tried the technique last week and I am thrilled!

It was so nice to be able to spend about 10 minutes finishing the ends, then trim off the extra and I was ready to go!

I have problems with my neck and shoulders so pushing and pulling a big quilt around on my sewing machine is very difficult.

I'm sure I have finished my last quilt the "old fashioned" way!

I have found so many good tips here.

Thanks Again,


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I was impressed too with that tip. My first one bound with the Longarm was a great success, but my second not so much, am not sure why, I think I need more practice.

Did you use a ruler ???? or did you freehand it using the hopping foot as a guide??

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on IQ carriage with edgerider wheels and 2012 Lucey on bliss

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