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hopper foot attatchment

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I'm new....and I'm in the process of trying all of the attatchments and gagets I got with my machine. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to attach the white plastic cap thingy that goes on the hopper foot so that you can use the pexiglass stencils.

I know it's probably something soooo simply.



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Yes there is clearance with the plastic attatchment on and I do need to slide the throat plate to put it on. It snaps on fairly easy but I really need to yank it to remove it.

My Millie is about 5 years old.....I bought it preowned with attatchments, manuals, gadgets etc. (Not all have my gadgets have instructions).

Taking off to the lake with my kids for a few days...getting very hot here for the next few days.


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