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Is there a border? If they have an iron on stabilizer you should be fine. The only thing that would concern me is the seams at the edge, have they backstitched to keep the stitching from coming out? I ususally put a border around the quilts, just like a regular pieced quilt, even if it is only a 2" border. In that case I wouldn't worry about stitching around the edges.

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I don\'t know that you can. You can measure the backing and the top and figure out where to place the top when you get ready to qult. Meaning if your backing is 68" long and it will have a bit of a border, then decide how far you can measure down to position your top and still be lined up with the back. That is probably the easiest way, but not sure it works every time. Good luck. Try not to lose your mind:)

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