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"Kansas Winter Stars" - pictures...

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Thank you so much for looking at my pictures and for leaving such wonderful comments.

Kristina - Unfortunately, this quilts won't be at HQMS this year either. I promise to enter it in 2011. What I'll have at HQMS are my 2009 show entries "Shooting Stars" (quilt) and "Chocolate Orange Cocktail" outfit. It really is a shame that the dates for MQX, HQMS and MQS are this close together as this means my quilts can only go in two of theses shows... But for my traveling, I love the close dates...

PattyJo - I'm very much looking forward to finally meet you at MQS, too.

Pam H - Yes, the piecing design is my own, too - of course inspired by the traditional Lone Star and Broken Star patterns.

Dar - This one WILL be at MQS - in the Innovative Custom category. As I make my quilts primarily so that I like them and not to fit in a certain show category, it was clear from the very beginning that I would use my favorite shiny poly thread (for solid colors I like to use Embrofil polyester thread).

Hope to see a lot of you next week - or the week after,


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Being so very traditional - at least for me - I really didn't know what to think of this quilt. All your wonderful comments just tell me that I must have done something right... Thanks you so much everybody.

On to some of your questions:

Debbie - So far, this original pattern is just a couple of pages of write-ups. BUT, I'm planning make it into a pattern. I'll make sure to post once I know how and where it will be available. Thanks a lot for your interest.

Marilyn - My Millennium (my first and only longarm machine) was delivered on May 3rd, 2005 - so, we'll be celebrating out 5th anniversary next week!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody,


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