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Monkeys minus eyeballs (they'll get 'em eventually)

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I can't believe how many monkey quilts I get on a regular basis. You'd think living in the middle of horse country I'd be swamped with horsey quilts but instead I'm up to my neck in monkeys!

This is the latest one and don't worry, they'll all be getting buttons for eyeballs once the quilt returns to its owner. :)

I used a combo IQ/freehand for this little quilt and it went fast. I used a wave motif (sorry, can't remember where I got it) for the corner, sashings and borders. It kinda looks like bananas, 'ya know? I didn't turn the quilt to do the side borders, I used standard block/ mark on quilt to sample the points of my side borders after I advanced the quilt and added copies of the waves into those spaces (about 2 at a time). Then when I got near the bottom, I advanced to the end and placed the bottom corners and bottom border.

Then I rewound the quilt and used Line pattern/path pattern to perfectly place the final waves connecting the bottom corners to the existing side border motifs which kept me from having to turn anything. :)

Behind the monkeys are freehand loopies that mimic the polka dots in the fabric and the flips and tumbles you know all those monkeys have been up to. The monkeys themselves got a freehand Monopoly outline and be sure to look at how my customer did those 3D ears- CUTE! I also added a freehand heart on the shirt of each monkey.

Some little person is going to LOVE their new quilt. I used Hobbs 80/20 batt, Monopoly, Sew Fine and Bottom Line in the top. Prewound Bottom line in the bobbin.


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She did the nostrils and smiles and buttonhole stitching. I added the snout (do monkeys have snouts?), eye area definition and a line of stitching seperating the snout from the eye area to give it a 3D look that I think will really work well once these little guys get some eyeballs. Everything looks better when monkeys have eyeballs. :)

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