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Depending on the size of the quilt, I charge .5 cents a square inch AND a loading fee ($25 for queen/king.) I just finished basting an applique that was about 92 x 92. Her total bill was about $75. She was very happy with the price. This client said there are very few people around Sacramento, CA who are willing to baste. I'd love to know what people in other parts of the country are charging.

Many thanks!


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Originally posted by sandradarlington

How do you baste a quilt on the LA? Do you use the stitch regulator or do it in non-regulated mode? What is your stitch lenght? Do you make a grid? How far apart are the lines? Inquiring minds want to know.

Thank you

Hi Sandra--

SR or no SR? Your choice. Non-SR with slowest speed and a steady pace. Or SR at longest stitch length. I prefer the former method--you can get longer stitches--easier for the quilter to remove.

As for the stitching pattern--lots of different choices. A big meander works well for some. I mark on the batting about 4 inches down each side as something to shoot for. I use manual mode/slow speed and chug along in a "castle top pattern"--over/up/over/down in a four inch line sections all across. Then the next row starts four inches down and the same pattern. I don't let the corners touch--I found that a hand-quilter using a hoop sometimes needs to adjust the fabric in the hoop a bit and she can better do that if the grid doesn't touch.

Stitching a regular grid works also--four inches apart and all horizontal stitched first. Then the vertical as far as the field will allow you to stitch.

Another hint--never float the top--it needs tension to not quilt fullness in the top.

Use a thin contrasting thread (I like BL) so it is easy for the quilter to see and remove the stitches.

And there ya go!

How's the business coming along? I read another thread where you are offering a meander for a good price--great thought and you should be getting some results from that.

Isn't this a great job?;)

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Thanks everyone for your information.

I'm sorry I was unclear about my price per sq. inch in the post. I charge one-half cent per square inch for basting plus a $25 loading fee. (I added the loading fee as a "cushion" in case it took me more time than I thought. As it is, that happened.) The client had pre-marked her quilting lines on this Baltimore Album for cross hatching, so I had to be sure it stayed perfectly square.. This 92x92 quilt took me 2 1/2 hours to load and baste. I used a contrasting Bottom Line thread for both top and bottom. In manual mode, I moved sideways across the quilt at a medium speed, which made 1/4 - 1/2" basting stitches. Once that was done, I did vertical lines with "castle tops" to stabilize it that way, too. I ended up with 4" boxes all over the quilt. Is there a more efficient way?" Now that word is out that I will baste quilts, I have another large one waiting to be done. If I could do them a bit faster, I could lower the price a bit.. or eliminate the $25 loading fee.

Happy Mother's Day!


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