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Let's all share some true 'quiltee' stories...here's mine...

I went to work at a local care home about a year after I had donated a number of wheelchair quilts to them. (40" x 40") One day, early in my employment, I noticed one of the quilts I had made laid across the lap of a dear older woman. Feeling pretty full of myself about my kind and generous donation and wanting to let her know that I had made it, I went up to the woman and said, "What a BEAUTIFUL quilt!" She looked up at me and beamed, "Oh, isn't it! My husband brought this back for me from the war!".....

Now what was I supposed to do with THAT?! I replyed, "Well, it's held up VERY WELL!" and puttered on down the hall with a smile and a feeling that I HAD given that woman some joy...and that was what it was all about!

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That is hysterical! :P

Quilts give comfort no matter what "phase" of life we are in, the beginning or the end.

We buried my Grammie with her quilt I made, now it is always with her.:)

Another sad story of a quilt I made for a family that lost their daughter, it was on the "Today" show with the family.

Yes, quilts are love!:D

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Making quilts for people in need, I like to hear things like this . Our quilting group make quilts for fire victims and gives them to the fire dept and they pass them around to the fire victims. I have heard that at times, that is all they have left after a fire and are so great ful to get them.



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My quilt story, I had just started quilting when my brother was diagnosed with cancer, so I made him a quilt. After he passed away my sister in law gave it back to me so I would have something of his that he loved. Well, needless to say it is not as good as I do now yet special. In the process of grieving I decided to make my sister in law a new quilt. It was very healing for me and for her.

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Sharon...that was very nice. I'm so glad you had that quilt as a memory. They bring joy, healing, good memories, bring people together, allow us to earn a living doing what we love...what a wonderful field we are in!

Hey...you live in Grass Valley...I'm driving there tonight to visit my sister for the weekend. I love the grower's market at the fair grounds and we always go to Ames Book Store!

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I made my first quilt for my mother. It was a lap quilt made

with that azalea moda fabric - she loved red. I quilted it on

my DSM, it was all I had at the time. Who knew? I thought

it looked like a frightmare but I was proud to give it to her.

And she took it with the same grace that she received my

macaroni creations in kindergarten. She loved that quilt and

always had it on her lap no matter the season.

She passed away last year. The one thing my sister wanted

was that quilt. It smelled like Mom and I think they both

got some comfort from it.

No matter how 'ugly' or poorly pieced a quilt is, somebody

put a lot of themselves into it. When I have a 'beasty' to

quilt, it helps me to keep my eye on that ball.

We make comfort for the heart.

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I made a memory quilt after I lost my dear little Mozart dog. He was about 20 years old, the oldest dog ever, according to my friend Kathy. I handquilted it, part of my grieving therapy, and then donated it to the local humane society, hopefully to use as a fund raiser, and not as a dog bed.

When we lost Sasha, about 6 months later, I didn't make a quilt. I guess I thought "been there, done that." But when a friend was losing her dog, I made a quilt for her. She said that she and her husband and the dog, Conan, would all snuggle together on it. After he passed away, they gave away all his toys, dog bed, etc, but kept the quilt as memory of him. In the process of making "Conan's Cabins", I was able to grieve my sweet Sasha. It's amazing to me how something as simple as a scrappy log cabin quilt can have so much meaning. Not only for the recepient, but also the maker.

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Very nice stories! I think we all have special memories and thoughts behind

many of our creations, I love to read about them.

My most special project was the "Big Bad Biker" quilt I made for my

husband. As he was out late nights and gone over many weekends to join

this biker club, I was stiching this for him. I designed the whole thing myself

and it is made with Red, Black and white fabrics. I kept this a secret the

whole time, and if you knew me - that in itself is a major accomplishment!

To hide this all that time (almost a year) taking it out only when he was not

at home. Not to mention the hours of computer time getting the embroidery

designs to work right! It was such a relief to finally give it to him and was

really fun to explain all of the meaning behind certain fabics and what the

tradition is behind the pineapple block. That was my first and only quilt I

made using that block / pattern - and now I know they make a ruler to help

with that - oh well!

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O.k. Well yes, Hospitality is part of the meaning but also I have read that it

means -Welcome, You have to understand that he was gone ALOT! Not just

a whole week for Sturgis, but almost every weekend - ALL weekend! It was

a very rough time for us. Trying to "share" my time with those others so

much and still love and trust my man completely. This was my way of

dealing with many emotions. I tried to show in this quilt that I was going to

welcome and accept this change in our lives, that it would all be o.k.

Still dealing with it! I used fabrics from the "Kings Road" collection and he

now spends a bunch of time on his Harley, on the Road! He is my King too!

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