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MQS Attendees - What did you buy?

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Originally posted by kennan100

Is anyone in the US carrying Claudia's DVD? I fanally got my hours back at work after 21 months so I NEED to buy something longarmie!!!!!

As a matter of fact, contact Claudia about buying her DVD and I will mail one to you. She has left them with me to mail out to the US orders.

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Originally posted by CindyT

Can't believe Mary Beth just touched it. Maybe I got one that Mary Beth "picked up" and it will perform magically on a quilt for me!

You are funny :D

See, you all think I have no self control....not true....

Acutally, I blame this all on Donna, aka Sam's Mom. We always, always hang out together during MQS. We walk through the quilts and admire, critique and decide, "we could'a done that!!". But we never do :P Then we go through the vendor mall a billion times and Donna tells the vendors, "I'll take one of each, please." :o:o Then I feel the pressure and make a few purchases too.

However, Donna couldn't make it, and had to cancel at the last minute. :(

I walked through the quilts....and I couldn't focus. I then went to the vendor mall and wandered aimlessly....Donna, where are you?? Wait....I have a cell phone...I'm calling her!!!

It was kind of fun...while I had her on the phone, I ran back over to the quilts and told her what I had found....her response..."I knew we should have entered." :D:P:D There!!! That's what I was missing....That helped me make it through the rest of the show:D:P:D

And that, my friends, is why I only spent $28. It's all Donna's fault!

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Okay I didn't go to MQS, but after HMQS I couldn't afford to. I will disclose my purchases if no one tells my hubby about all but the cutting table. I asked permission for that one.

I bought several books from Irenea Bluhm

Cutting Table from Martelli (demo model with a ding in the corner from shipping) hubby fixed it when I got home

Thread from Linda Taylor, Hot Pink, Neon Green, etc.

Paint Sticks recommended in a class

Glitter recommended in a class

Design Wall that Rolls up under a shelf

Magnetic Quilt Hangers

Panto Rack

Panto that I shouldn't have wasted money on, threw it away last night


Bobbin Cases

Extra Machine Parts

Plus a trip to IKEA for items

Did I mention I spent too much money. Anybody know why they have the Denver Show, HMQS then MQS all in a row. If they had one in the spring and one in the fall it would be much more cost effective for me and I could go to more than one show. All three are within reasonable 1 to 1-1/2 day drive. Why don't they think about us!! I have heard the vendors aren't really fond of it either.


I was disappointed that a couple of vendors weren't at HMQS that were last year, so I will have to order a few things online.

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That Mary Beth knows everything!

I bought a couple patterns for miniature quilts, log cabins with 1/4" logs, I think I must be crazy, but it was so cute!!! (I'm a sucker for the cute factor!)

A acrylic pattern grid, to help keep my quilt square when quilting.

A T ruler to square it up if the above doesn't work (Thanks Sheri, you should get commission!)

and of course, thread. So many lucious colors to choose from.

It was so cool to see some old friends and meet new ones, people I recognized from their pic here. You guys are awesome!

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Originally posted by lamedna

That Mary Beth knows everything!

Mostly I know a lot of nothing....I just pretend a lot!! ;) I enjoyed seeing you again...we have to do another Midwest Quilter's meeting....Didn't someone mention Debbi's house next time??

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Between Becky and I, we sure did some damage.

I was lucky enough this year to see the show through a new Longarmers Eyes.

No classes for me this year, but I did pick up a LENNI!!!!!!!!

Along with my usual pre-wounds, Pantos for the shop, needles & supplies and a pair of super comfy sandles.

(Shhh! Don't tell my husband about those just yet!!!) ( Funny how he doesn't blink an eye over a Lenni, but $125.00 pair of Sandles! OMG;))

Becky on the other hand Loaded up on Thread, Pantos, Thread, Needles, Thread, Stencils, Thread, DVD's and more Thread!!!!! (Did I mention Thread;))

We looked at all the Gorgeous Show Quilts and were just in Awe.

Becky just bought her First Longarm (my 2001 Milli) and is excited about this new venture.

She has set her sights on Rookie of the year Next year. She was planning her quilt all the way home.

I look forward to watching her grow in this field! Expect to see great things from her. She is amazing!!

Did I mention that she is an award winning Hand Piecer, Quilter and Applique'r (sp?)

Had a great time re-connecting with everyone and meeting new friends.

Looking forward to next year!!!!


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Originally posted by Mary Beth

It is like quilt glide only for the Innova.

Hi girls!!

It was terrific to see many of you at the show and at the big round table this year!! Thanks gobs for letting me sit and visit with you!

I noticed the reference to Lightning Stitch and wanted to clarify that it is a newly configured VERY responsive stitch regulator now available for the Innova quilting system. It was amazing to actually be able to do micro stippling with Lightning Stitch engaged and not feel the pull or hesitation of the SR. We already have the Idol Speed option which is similar to the APQS Quilt Glide.

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OMG..let's see.

The ONLY ruler I bought this year was a T-Square 45* and 60* ruler (from quilters ruler) for squaring up my quilts..and I can take off the end and use it as a ruler to cut longer pieces of fabric too!

Thread from Superior Thread, 2 cones from Marathon, 1 cone of "glide" to try it out.

3 attachments for cutting square, half square & quarter square blocks...so no math required. (I think i'll get HUGE use out of those suckers!) Thank you OLFA!

Folding binding ruler from the makers of the binding tool. (Not the Fons and Porter one). No math required and has guides for cutting perfectly on the diagonal!

Pattern to make a "coffee can" tool holder....made it last nite and OMG...I'm making another to hold my sewing stuff. The one I made last nite was to hold all my LongArm tools close to me while I am at the machine!!!

$ 175 in fabric...Love the fabric I got!

Set of Three 9 degree rulers made by Marilyn Donahugh? (Sorry, dont have it with me right now..)

Crushed walnut shells to make some pin cushions.

2 retractable's to hold scissors, etc.

Claudia's DVD!!! AWSOME!

2 T-shirts.

I "think" that's it...or at least, that's all I can remember at the moment!

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2 DVD's, Claudia's and Myrna's

backing fabric (a lot)

DeLoa's new small Curved Cross Hatch Rulers -thanks DeLoa!!

3 DeLoa books

Lots of rulers from Quilter's Rule

Thread - including some Glide to try

Sue Patton's new book

Judy Allen's Feather book

One of Karen McTavish's books, now I have them all

and my big purchase was the Quiltazoid! Excited to get it in a few weeks. I'm so glad to hear of their sales at MQS.

I saw the table, but never had the time to stop. I was there for 4 days and with classes, luncheon, auction, banquet and shopping, I didn't have any "down" time. It was my first time at MQS and I had a blast!!

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Originally posted by SherryRogers

Sheri, I can't believe our paths didn't cross, I would have loved to have met you!! I was either teaching or sleeping. I spent Thursday checking out vendors, quilts and hanging out with my Innova peeps.

I too was in the mall most of thursday! Noonish until it closed! Dang, im so mad at myself for not knowing you were there...

Next year???? Maybe???

Hope to see you soon! REALLY kicking myself right now!

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I bought a bunch of Superior Thread, book, stencils, pouncemarker and powder and some templates. The best thing was a book I won as a door prize!

I do wish more of the teachers had small booths so you could purchase more of the stuff they talked about during their classes.

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