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Started to baste the top edge of the quilt and the "yellow" channel lock doesn't lock. No loud click...the red button works (so I can lock out horizontal movement, but I cannot lockout vertical movement). Anyone had that problem? I looked in the BOOK but couldn't find a solution. Thanks! Jane

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I just checked the connection just above the front handles, black cords into clear connectors...I can hear a faint thump when I push the yellow button, and the proper indicator lights. I actually started out from the back as I'm getting ready to run a pantograph and wanted to check alignment. I also check a similar looking connection on the back of the machine - black cord into clear plug. The fact that the light comes on and I hear the "thump" - not the loud click when the red button turns on makes me think the message is transmitted but the channel lock needs vitamins -or chocoate?? thanks, Jane

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