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Fleece/t-shirt throw - not Long Arm - HELP!

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I took on a customer's quilt that I am now looking a deadline in the face...Monday.

She gave me a large piece of navy blue fleece that she wants me to applique about 70 - 3" x 4" oval logos that are cut from her husband's knit golf shirts. She backed them with iron on interfacing so they're stable.

I'm thinking about cutting the fleece into squares and appliqueing them down with a buttonhole stitch on my Bernina. I don't see a way to do it on the full piece with all the bulk of the fleece and having them turn out straight.

Then there's the problem of putting them back together again. Should I overlap them 1/4" and do a decorative stitch?

..HELP! I need suggestions!

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I wouldn't like this project too much to bel honest.

However if I were doing it. Choose a size square you would like. Large enough to give a nice background to the Patch.

Once all the logos or patches are attached I would sew the Fleece squares back together with a serger. You can use a colored thread or match the fleece. Place Right side together and do one row and then serge each row together the same way. Fleece looks really good serged or I think its call overlocking stitch if your using your Bernina.

Once the quilt top is complete. Serge all around the outside edge.

PS. When attaching these patches I would use a good water soluable stabilizer on back of each square or Freezer paper to keep fabric flat when attaching them. Seems Fleece might have too much stretch for this but maybe I'm wrong.

With a 3 x4 patch I would have at least a 6 or 7 inch square to give more background the overall project. That's just my opinion.

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Either would work. You might want to ask your customer.

Matching thread would be a cleaner look. Picture the back in your mind. All the blocks will have serged squares. Then decide. Both will look great.

Also remember when attaching your squares make your rows first then serge the rows and remember to look at the DIRECTION of the patch when putting your squares together so they are all in the viewable direction.

Navy or Red would look good. Your customer might want a green as it looks good with navy. I'd ask.

Good luck. Let me know how it comes out.

PS. Nancy with Sewing with Nancy has a Fleece book out with all sorts of Fleece projects in it. It has alot of cool ways to use fleece. Might come In handy sometime. It's was how I learned about fleece. There are lots of Fleece projects today and they are really cute.

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