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I'm new to longarm quilting and have a problem adjusting the tension on my green millennium.

I want to use Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin and So Fine in the top thread. I've adjusted the bobbin tension so that the bobbin doesn't lift off my hand and adjusted the top tension, but I get eyelashes... on the back. If I tighten the top thread it breaks, I also have threaded the top thru only one of the eyes on the bar close to the front of the head not all three.

What else can I do?

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shana just gave a great tutorial on how to acheive good tension maybe a week or two ago. look back in her posts - her name is quiltmonkey. if you dearch her for the last month, you'll find it. it will help you.

good luck!!

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Thank you all... I read post from Shana and I loosened the bobbin and tightened the top just a little, also changed out the bobbin. Wow.... I'm running two different colors and can hardly tell.... now I hope that I can remember what I did with the old bobbin so I don't use it again:D!

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