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MQS Art and Stitch

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Did anyone take Loes "Art and Stitch" software class? What did you think of the program? I'm thinking about getting it, but like any software it's expensive.

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Connie sent you a U2U.

Bonnie Botts

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Hi Connie - I went to a different intro class than Laura. Mine was a demo.

Loes showed us how to add motifs and shapes to our quilts. But the Wow factor, for me, was

that you can use Art and Stitch to add fill to that motif our shape. You can add it to the inside for

a very unique look or add one of dozens (hundreds?) of fills around the outside of the motif/shape

to make a wonderful trapunto look.

I downloaded the trial software and it is easy to use. The trial is full-featured but you just can't save

what you create.

Give it a try.

Linda Card

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I won Art and Stitch at MQS. I have been playing with it without reading the manual and it has some really cool features. I need to read and play and learn all it can do. They refer to the digitizing aspect of the software as embroidery digitizing. It saves in all formats for embroidery and longarms, even dxf.

APQS Freedom owner

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