Claudia Pfeil Road Show Classes in Bartlett, IL

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I attended the first two days of classes with Claudia Pfeil in Bartlett, IL, last week. What an informative and great experience it was! I was first introduced to longarm quilting at Claudia's studio in Krefeld, while I lived in Germany. The beauty, intricacies and volume of her works were amazing and overwhelming. Yet, in her classes last week, Claudia made it all seemed doable. Her instruction, both hands on and demonstration were clear, accessible and fun! We had Pfun Pfeiling Pfeathers and much more. I found her class on what to do with our quilt tops really informative and encouraging. My Millie was ordered the day I returned home.

Thank you, Claudia!


2010 Millenium

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Welcome Paulette - I'm glad that you have come here while you wait for your Millie. This forum is a great place to read, get information, ask questions, get help, inspiration, support and encouragement. We are just a big family so jump in and we all love to see pictures. From the simple to the elaborate.

I agree with you - Claudia is a great inspiration to watch and listen to and her quilting is beyond anything that I will probably be able to do, yet she is so willing to share her knowlege. She's a great teacher and you'll be glad that you were able to take her classes.


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It is an awesome DVD!!!!

Love it.:cool:

Now only if I could actually quilt that well.....

You were very lucky to get a hands on class with Claudia, she really is fantastic. Her skills are top notch and she has the best sense of humor, how can you possibly top that????

You will be so glad you made the choice to get a Mille how many more sleeps till it arrives? I bet you are counting, I know I did.;)

Lisa :)

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Oh LeeAnn...I took her class "finally" this year. Last year it was sold out by the time I registered. I also bought her video this year and I can honestly say, I think i'll be watching it over and's that informational! It's one of my favorites!

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I really enjoy Claudia and her beautiful quilts. We were fortunate last year at AQS Des Moines to have an exhibit of her work from her 1st quilt to some of her most re ident quilts. I even happened to be white gloving the area as she looked over her quilts and listened to her tell her "quilting story" to some viewers. She was fun to listen to!

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