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I'm using warm and natural and know that the top side is the side that has flakes of seeds etc., when quilting do out put the top side down towards the back or towards the top of the quilt to prevent pokies on the back side?

I'm new to LA and have always had my quilts done by professionals.

The Warm company site didn't say which way to sandwich the batting..

Thanks for any incite...

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The top of the batting goes toward the quilt top. My rule is, "Bumps on the bottom, dimples on top."

Welcome to the forum. What machine do you have? It doesn't matter if it is an APQS or other, everyone is welcome. Be sure to post pictures of the quilts that you do because we all love to see picures. And be sure to come back with any other questions that you may have because there are a lot of folks here that love to help whenever they can.

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I just got a APQS Millennium, I was lucky to find a person close to me who had to sell her's (good for me, not so for her). I've had the machine about 4 weeks and have only finished one baby quilt for our local Quilt guild. Great place to get tops and for lots of practice.

I'd loved to take actual classes somewhere so I could learn what I should be doing. I've actually learned some things by reading the forum and watching demo's on YouTube.

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Donna -

Where are you located? Many of the APQS reps teach classes. Since you bought your machine used, you didn't get the free APQS Beginner class, which is an all day class to take you beyond the basics. I'm located in the Washington D.C. area and offer this class for $200 for those that don't get it for free.

Other good locations for classes are the various big quilt shows.


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Welcome to the group, Donna and also welcome to the long list of Millennium owners. ;)

This is a great forum and you will learn a lot on here. However, nothing beats the beginner class. I do the same as Julia and offer it for $200 to those who don't qualify for a free one. I have several people who have taken me up on that offer after then bought their machine used. There seem to be a few dealers not too far from you. Check them out.

Sorry you don't live closer to me, but if you decide on a vacation is WA, I'll schedule a class for you. My dh and I love to car travel, so would come see you, but I can't do that until August. :D

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