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At MQS I took a maintenance class from Mike Moore (I think that is his name). He gave some information about how frequently to change a needle. He told a story of a lady who never changed a needle unless it broke, got a burr orhad some other visible reason to change it. I stopped changing my needle and have had no problems. I can't remember what Mike said about this but he gave a good reason why it is better not to change the needle. I think he said that domestic sewing machine needles are made of a different material that dulls and LA needles actually get better with use. Can you ask him to reelay the information again? And is there any source I can research this subject further?



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I was just in chat room last nite talking about this. I thought I was gonna be tar'd and feathered 'LOL' when I shared that I hadnt changed my needle in 4 months (75-100 quilts).

The quilt I just took off the machine had a High quality (high thread count) "black "backing and I had used a white Hobbs bat. I had also used Rainbows thread in top and bob...and not a batting or thread pokie to be found,,,and NO thread breakage.

I change my needle when I hear a popping sound, which I think is a dull needle penitrating cloth. I think in 4 plus yrs I have only gone through mayby 4 packs of needles... Might be ignorance on my part but in this case, "ignorance is bliss'.


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I am having a new problem! I needed to change my needle size to a MR 5 for a particular quilt and thread and now when I put an MR 4 back my machine will not stitch at all! I do not have time for messing around right now so I put the MR 5 back in and I am able to quilt. Has anyone ever heard of the #5 needle messing up the timing? I am pretty frustrated right now! Any help would sure be appreciated!



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Hi All,

You really don't need to change the needle every quilt.. You will know when the needle gets dull, you will be able to hear it.. I have actually heard of people doing anywhere from 10-25 quilts on the same needle.. I guess the best advice I can give is, "if it's not broke , don't fix it! It is totally up to each individual what you feel comfortable with!

Have a Great Day...


APQS Service

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A good place to get information on needles, thread and all kinds of stuff is www.superiorthreads.com . I prefer MR needles because they have a large scarf and this gives the hook a better chance to pick up the thread. We use size MR 3.5 most of the time and sometimes a 4.0. If you use a larger needle the holes in your material will be larger. This may not be what you want if you are using material with a tight weave. Because the larger needles have a larger shank you may run in to a problem if your machine is timed with a smaller i.e. 3.5 needle. The larger needle may hit the hook. This will should not throw the machine out of time but it won't do your needle any good.

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