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Hi everyone. I have not been on here in what seems like ages. We have been so busy getting our "big" girl's home ready. I didn't know an almost 60 year old woman who is deathly afraid of heights could make so many trips up and down ladders with hammers and nails and paint and brushes and still be alive to smile about it:P even though I still have one-half of my girl's home to paint, Linda's blessed husband came by on Friday in 104 degree heat and put her up!! WOW is all I can say. It is 98 in my shop so I haven't gotten to do anything other than sit and stare at her but I can finally see a dream happening. I glanced through some of the posts briefly before I signed on, a lot has been happening. Feel like I have been on a long trip and just getting back. You all have become my family (as my children all live hundreds and thousands miles away) and I have missed you.

For those of you who are struggling, please hang in there. I am scared to death and know there will be some desert times, but never lose your joy or hope. God always has a better plan than we do.

Well, one of the things I do well is sew my husband's shirts and now that the heavy work is done and it is too hot to finish my painting, I have a very colorful purple Hawaiian shirt on my sewing table that is calling me. It is for my DH who has given up his wood shop, his free time, his money and his ribs for my dream and the least I can do is make him a shirt

thank you for always being there. and LInda, your husband is awesome. thanks for sharing him on his way home. He had so many wonderful things to say about you. It is so refreshing to find a husband who thinks his wife is awesome.

See you in August with Karen.

Bekah at

Shepherd's Garden Quilting,

Gresham, OR:D

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My DH told someone recently that he liked applique quilts better than pieced...then upon realizing what he said, he had a full body shiver! LOL

Glad you got your shop together Bekah...do you think this heat wave is ever going to let up? It's hard to get anything done....well I managed to go spend some money at the fabric store today...I guess that's something!

Back to sewing...stay cool!


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Hi Bekah! :)

You are so very welcome, Chris is the greatest & my best friend to boot!:D

We are happy that you are on your way, I must admit that the heat is really beating my desire to quilt, even with the air!:(

I will give you a jingle tomorrow to check in on you, stay cool!:cool:

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