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Ms Lizzie is on the way

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I am so excited! I got the call from the freight company and my Millineum will be here Tuesday. Today is our 21st anniversary, what a present. I chose to name her after my Mamaw (grandmother) who was my inspiration to want to quilt, so Ms Lizzie she will be. I had a Grace frame with a Janome that I thought would be enough to do customers quilts, but in our area no one does free motion and I do. I have 21 customer quilts and 11 of my own waiting to be done and my customers are so excited for me they are willing to wait because I sold the Grace/Janome already.

DeLoa Jones is awesome. I had a class with her and she will come Wednesday to set up the machine and get me started. I plan on taking more classes from her, the 2 1/2 hr drive is worth it.

Also the advice that I get from reading the chat is beyond helpful. Thank you all so very much and I am sure that you will be hearing more from me. I look forward to being able to show my first quilt on Ms Lizzie. After the practice piece of course.

Thanks for letting me brag, its so cool.


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Cool Sheryl! :cool:

Isn?t it exciting having dreams come true?

I love the name, what an honor to your Grandmother!

Quilting heritages are to be treasured & valued as life long skills & talents. You can now pass that on to others, how cool!

Let us know how it goes, you have a wonderful teacher, Deloa is a delightfully talented gal, enjoy! :)

And Happy Anniversary!!!;)

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