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Need advice on SR use

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I have been having such trouble adapting my old DSM quilting skills to the LAM--ending up with squared circles and arcs and less than flowing lines. I have been focusing on a light touch, breathing, etc, but still have been so frustrated in the results. Yesterday I did have considerable improvement with the repeating the 'voluptuous' curve phrases (thank you, Darlene ;) !). Then I decided pretend I didn't even have the SR feature and found I was doing ever so much better. I know many of you turn off the SR for fine work--small meandering and intricate patterns--but I was amazed that my flow was so much improved (although my stitches become less than consistent--just like my DSM troubles :( . Is there a technique to deal with adapting to the SR? is it the noise that throws my rhythm off? Any ideas?

Feeling much more optimistic! (Teresa, your perserverance has really encouraged me to keep at this and know I can get there!!) Caroline

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