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Yikes! I need your help with this quilt

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A new customer (guild member) brought me this top. I didn't get a photo of it, but it is the kaleidoscope quilt in scrappy beige and tans. Low contrast between the piecing, so it's not really showing the optical illusion effect you sometimes see with the high contrast. Anyway, she wants "custom" and mentioned "circles" but ugh... do you all have any suggestions for me?

I didn't get a picture of it, but below is my rendition of it using MS Paint and I colored in the piecing. It looks similar but with creams and beige in the light and dark areas. I appreciate your ideas. BRING IT ON -- I AM OPEN TO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! :)


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I finished quilting one of these last week. Fortunately she had used all dark or light fabrics and the circles did show up.

If you look at the square(the four triangles at the corners) and the two triangle each end, I filled these with ribbon candy, and could zig zag through these across the quilt. They became the outsides of the circles.

The kaleidoscope in the centre I then filled with a curly CC.

Try colouring in EQ with a different colour and the circle may jump more.


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All are awsome suggestions, but if your wanting any votes...I really like Brandy's idea. It will be easy peasey...in to do the cc's and out to do the McT'ing....around to the next, in to do the cc's...out to do more McT'ing etc.

Mindless quilting, so you can "relax" and it will make the beige's pop OUT and

give it a really cool effect...I think..perfect for that non contrast quilt!

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