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I have CL straight and curved crosshatch templates, Linda Rech's rulers and the Westerlee (SP?) system that Quilter's Rule carries.

Linda's are the best, in my opinion.

I like the CL but not having to work from the back of the machine and haven't justified the cost of the new front working system. Plus the fact that I have removed the top rail makes using it impractical for me.

I don't care for the Westerlee at all. It is very difficult to keep it steady.

Linda's sets are very easy to use and remain very stable while working with them.

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I have a set of Linda Rech's crosshatch rules and they work great. And I've seen the Westalee ruler and thought it would be difficult to control and hold steady. I have acquired the Circle Lord and now have no need for the crosshatch rulers so if anyone is interessted in buying them I would sell them for $50 plus actual shipping cost. If interested, send a U2U.

Edited to show the rulers are now sold. Thanks, everyone that inquired about them.

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A question for Linda Gibbons:

When doing such beautiful cross-hatching, what do you do around the applique? Do you start/stop at each design, or is there a 'secret' to not using so many start/stops? Your work is just gorgeous.

I love to cross-hatch, but hate the many interruptions around designs. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.


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I ordered a set of Linda's crosshatching rulers last night ! Also Myrna's pinched squares............wheeeee! So many toys.........:P With all the new toys and fabric/patterns I have been accumulating, I will be ready for a nasty, cold winter again.

More UPS deliveries.............the UPS guy came the other day and I got 2 packages -NEITHER had any quilting stuff. My husband is still in shock. :P

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Well Linda in Oskaloosa, you provided the perfect excuse I needed to go ahead and order the cross hatch rulers -- the long nasty winter! It was soooooo bad last year, and who knows what this year will bring us. Maybe I NEED to order those r&s boards I've been eying also!

Thanks! I know my husband will understand now!

Mary in Bondurant

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