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Out of town Customer

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My first customer is FED-EXing her quilt to me. Too cool.

I'm excited about it. I actually quilted a quilt for someone that gave the quilt to her so when she made her first Wedding quilt she called. That was December 2005.

Guess I'm excited because I know there are some talented quilters in her area but she's mailing it to me.


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Guest Linda S

Have fun Tammie! I've gotten quilts from the oddest places, but I'm happy to help if I have room in my schedule. Pretty soon you'll be internationally famous!


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Sometimes I can't help but get excited over the smallest things. lol

I'm so busy these days with trying to prepare to move.

Lee is leaving for a job and I have most of the packing to do and keep up. Somehow I will. I always find a way. lol

Moving my machine has me worried just abit but surely we can get this thing hooked back up when we do. I won't be moving it probly until the end of the month. If Lee isn't back in time I will have to take it apart myself. Now that's going to be interesting to say the least. lol

Almost finished with painting my new space. Boy was it large and needed lots of paint as it was so DARK. Its coming around. Picked a color called Butter. I think it is going to look great. Can't wait to finish.

Thanks alot everyone.

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