making a design wall question

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I wouldn't necessarily waste the money on batting. If you put anything under the flannel I would suggest using the stuff from Joann's, is it Warm and Natural that they carry on the big rolls? That might help save the intergrity of the insulation board in case you end up putting pins in the same place all the time.


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My design wall is actually several panels covered in flannel which I spray mounted to the insulation boards before wrapping & stapling. Since you mentioned that your closet is almost done, I wonder if you are using the closet doors for your design wall. That's what I did...mounted several of the covered insulation boards on twin overhead tracks...that way I can spread them all out (if I need a large surface) but can also slide & stack them behind each other when I need access into the storage behind them. Is that making any sense to you? Enjoy your completed studio! Nancy in Tucson

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I have two (4'X8') sheets of insulation taped together but taped so that in the middle there is a hinge effect. I covered mine with flannel backed tablecloths and adhered them with double sided carpet tape. I can fold them in half so it doesn't take up so much room and so I can move it easier than if I couldn't fold it in half.

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