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I know this subject has been gone over, and probably lots of times.

I read in here which thread everyone likes and why, but now I can not find where it was posted.

Can you give me a hand. I know that Superior is good, there are different brands of this, if I remember correctly...........think threads for??

Or maybe someone could re-direct me to that posting with all the info already there.:D:D:D:D


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Tish...if you go to the top of the page and click on search it will open another page and on the page the first box that says search for....type in Superior Threads. It will open another page that has ALL the entries that reflec on Superior Threads....I think what your looking for in on the next page, that button is at the bottom right corner.... look down the page about half way for an entry that says "How to buy thread...I think this might help.

Good luck, if not its somewhere in those make subject lines.

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How funny, I was just on the Superior web-site ordering

goodies. I love their stuff. The web-site is


The banner at the top has lots of links. Products is where

the thread is but you need to check out Education for all

sorts of tips and how-tos. And there is a link for

Reference Guide that is very helpful with Thread Type,

Description, uses for and Needle info.

And tension a problem, there is a visual about tension that

really helped me figure out if my tension problem was the

top or bobbin. Take a look at that.


Way cool.:cool:

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Bonnie and Linda, thank you.............

Not sure what I was doing when on the search before but this time I did find the notes I was looking for, and Linda the links are great too.

I've been looking for color card with the real thread on them for sometime now. Guess it really helps to actually look in the right area, whalla there they are.



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