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For those of you that do embroidery quilts...

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I designed and just finished assembling this one, and if you also use EQ7, I've shared my project file.

The link to both the project file and the motifs (those aren't mine, you'd have to purchase them) are on my blog here.

I've no idea how I'm quilting this one yet, I just loaded it on the longarm. Custom quilting is NOT something I do much, but obviously I can't panto this one.


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What a cute little boys quilt.....water would be great in the white areas and across the colored squares, but you may have to nail down the sail depending on how big it is....the rest you can get close to the embroidery, but that may need a bit more to keep it from bumping up and looking funny once it was washed.

I also see a CC in the colored pinwheels, and the corners could be McTavished and a leave the blue tulip open.....the sashings have room for tons of stuff, from Crosshatching to piano keys to just a simply stencil design down the green center one and something different in the blue....this quilt is a open slate for tons of different things...

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Thanks everyone, by the time I finish quilting it, it probably won't be very cute, LOL. I'm doing all the stitch in the ditch at the moment, which I am terrible at.

I do plan on doing CC in the squares... which I've never done at all!

Linda, I used my Bernina 830 to do the embroidery on these. It's got a 10" x 16" hoop.

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