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charge for starch and steam method?

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What would you charge to do the starch and steam method of taming quilt tops, wavy borders?

Seems I've done this several times this summer and have been letting it slide but with lessons to the customer on how too avoid this problem. Working too much for free! Time to nip this in the bud. :)

Bonnie Botts~your CD on Starch and Steam has been a very smart purchase on my part!!! What do you charge?

Thanks for any help or ideas.

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I've got one that I pinned on just last night and I'll be S&S-ing when I go home from work today!

On my intake/work order form I have a section for "Other Labor" and this would be noted in there. I might make comment like: "Steam and Starch for fullness 30 minutes". Put a notation there of what the charge is, my labor is $20 per hour, so $10.

Then you have the option to "write it off" "since this is the first time" but explain to the customer what the extra labor was, and how much it will be next time.

Be careful, if the customer thinks it's a bargain, she may just continue to pay the $20/hour and let you deal with it ;)

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I like that suggestion. It seems that about half the quilts I have gotten in the last few months have all been very difficult quilts. I need to buy stock in starch and probably soon a new iron, at the rate I am going.

That's a nice way to word what comes to my mind, as I refer to it as a PITA fee, but would not call it that on my invoice. :P

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Sometimes it's really difficult to handle those PTIA QUilts. Still haven't figured out the PTIA charge and I've been quilting since 2003. Usually it's the 90+ year olds or the newbies and you feel sorry for them and don't charge what you should.

This example is from a referral from neighbor of a quilting friend. My last PTIA quilt was a 95 yo who had made lots of hand pieced quilts and the daughter was so proud of her. Piecing was awful!! I charged my minimum 1.5 cents per sq inch ($35.00 per quilt) plus batting, thread charge, and backing. as she wanted basic quilting and small quilts. --didn't even care what I put on it for quilting or what kind of batting . I probably made $3.00 per hour. Nothing was even, hand stitches from tiny to 1/2 inch in the piecing. UCK!!! I stabalized it the best I could with the quilting. I don't think it will fall apart the first time they are washed now. Put lots of notes on the reciept regarding the problems and told them I did the best I could with what I had to work with. Also told them that up front when I accepted the 3 quilts for her great grand chlidren that they would not be perfectly squared and they had problems in the piecing and if I quilted them I would stabalize them the best I could with no quarentees. . Her previous quilter had told her she wouldn't quilt for her anymore. She was used to paying $25.00 per quilt including batting and backing and binding!!!! I told them I would not do the binding--though I do have binding available--it's expensive cause it's not my thing. Showed her daughter how to bind a quilt.

Definately not financially worth it to do these kinds of quilts. But....your heart goes out to the effort and those like me do them anyways. And try to make them look incredible!!

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Thanks y'all. $20/hour is exactly what I was thinking. I do let the customer know that I spent time on the S&S method and discuss/teach proper border attachment. It is also on my handouts but I'm not sure if they are reading them or what.

Linda Rech~thought you were telling ME you loved me! But you meant Bonnie Botts!! :)

Can't blame you! She's awesome!

Keep selling those CD's of yours! Y'all won't be sorry!!!!

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