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2010 Innovations Pictures


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What Beautiful Eye Candy. I think I saw one or two of them from Milwaukee. Found the photos on the puter, now need to edit then can post a few.

Thank you both, Very Much for showing the quilts.. it is terrific of you. CONGRATS to all entrants, winners or not!

Linda. I think I understand what you mean about whether it is worth it or not. Maybe a poll to various state guilds, etc. ?? I would really hate to have it fold.. hoped to get out that way next year, and attend.

I wonder how the other big shows did in comparison.?

Our guild has a show every other year. I know, there's no comparrison.. still we only have 2 long arm quilters in town now, since one move with her hubbys job... still next year we will be at the civic center instead of in one big room at the ECA building, and it will be our first year with Vendors. We are hoping Ye Olde Forest Quilting will be one, possibly Homesteader and the side kick, thats only two of many who could be vendors.. hoping it goes half as well, as the rent nearly scared us to death.

Our little fair just folded the quilts and laid them on top of each other in a scattered manner, on top of a 3 tier shelf set. A disgrace as far as I'm concerned. Glad I didn't enter this year.

Anyway.. I hope Innovations continues, since it has international fame.. would be sad to close it..

Hugs to you and Den...

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Originally posted by Judi

Congratulations to everyone!!!

I am a bit surprised that the big quilts were on the floor. Usually you see a sheet under them or something..... to many people can step on the edge. I know I get up really close to see the details, and would on those for sure!!

LOVE that lady in the green dress - OH MY!!!!

I believe that if a quilt is longer than 90", the requirement for entry was a re-positioned hanging sleeve so the quilt clears the floor. The ones posted that were on the floor belong to Sharon Schamber. Her special show was a last-minute addition so I think she did not have time to comply. I wonder if the big quilt shows have extra-tall displays for the giant quilts?

I agree, it is startling to see a displayed quilt dragging! You want to throw down some towels to rescue it! All of Sharon's quilts were stunning--in every sense of the word. There was another "lady in a quilted dress" quilt. You could stare at her work for hours.....

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Thank you so much for the pictures, they made my day. I was about to do a talk when I check here and found that Nude with Rope had got an award. I didn't spot this thread, Tet did, and told me I hadn't looked carefully enough, that Greek Fossils had something too. Just amazing.

I find it really odd seeing pictures of Nude with a ribbon, it;s never won at a show where I've been. It's a very strange feeling, but good :)


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Well I sure am glad that the Nude with Rope did win - I really like the "shadowing" of it.

Linda - I understand then if Sharons quilts were a last minute add-on..... I know how that goes too! After we set-up for our local guild show, we had a few empty poles. So those quilts we grabbed that night and hung that morning - didn't have labels or tags to say the least.... one quilt almost came home with me just noboby knew who's it was they put it one my pile! Good thing I knew who brought it it ..... or not!! :D

So - the lady with the green dress.... are those quilt block on her dress all just quilted on?? Or are they pieced??? Would love to see those in person. She does such amazing and detailed work - her borders / bindings.... I just want to get grab that quilt and figure-out HOW she did that!! The white one.... what is going on there??!?! So pretty!

She used to make Bridal dresses right?? I think I read that someplace, it shows!

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I looked closely at the green dress quilt--I think (?) it is done wholecloth style. The entire piece was first painted and then quilted.

As for Sharon's finishing techniques--meticulous! The piping finish on the edges does come from her background in garment sewing and is her own invention. The piping is handmade and hand-applied in loops--sometimes with a knot in the loop. I'll see if I can find a photo of something from a class I took.

I think this piece was long and narrow--maybe a mantle cover so you could show off the edge--made by Sharon Schamber. This edge finish is not as intricate as later ones. Phenomenal!


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