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Thank you Pam, and if we don't have it tomorrow when I get to the shop at least I know where I can get it.

Thank you all so much..I knew you ladies would come to the rescue.. I was sick to my stomach when it happened and then I remembered this great community of people who love to help a fellow quilter in distress.. and you guys did it again:)

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Again I want to say "THANK YOU" to all of you and especially those who searched the internet and came up with the fabric at a few sites.. When I went into to the shop this morning hoping we might still have a fat qrt, I opened the back door to an empty store room, not a fat qrt in sight as the owner was at a quilt show in San Deigo with all our stock..but one of the girls that work at the shop is a K Fassett 'HOARDER'.. so I gave her a call went to her house after work and in the 2nd bin of her K stash..there it was a qrt of a yard of Yellow Suzani.. so my goal tonight is to get this repaired and finish the last 2 borders and mail this baby off to Houston. The front of the quilt will have no evidence of the disaster, but the back will have a tell tale seam...some people probably would never notice with the busy backing fabric but this woman will, so I'll have to confess and give her a discount.

Just a reminder to all, check that needle position before you roll:D

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