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Libby, Your quilt is beautiful. I agree with all the previous comments. I have had my machine for almost 1 year too and I can tell you that MY skills are not even close to yours. You are WAY beyond newbie in my book. I haven't learned how to post pictures yet, either. I have not had any hands on classes yet, but have done many pantos for friends and customers. I'm not comfortable doing any custom designs (only practice those on my own quilts).

I wish I could attend the Camp you ladies talk about. I really admire Deloa and her creative abilities. I did take a lecture from her at MQS.

Really love this quilt. I am saving it and IF one day I can make it, I will be using your design to TRY and quilt it for myself. Thanks for the post and inspiration. :) Dar

Darlene S

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When I saw the quilting, I said ".04 - .05 per square inch". This is really nice custom work - feathers, cross-hatching - these are some of the most difficult techniques and you executed them really well.

When you're developing your pricing, you also need to consider:

- set up charge - I charge $25 for the design time and loading the quilt

- thread and batting - I charge separately for these; other folks include them in their pricing

- turning charge for border if needs to be turned - I charge $10 for the time to turn the quilt - needed for borders that can't easily be done as you advance

- multiple border charge - I charge extra for the additional starts and stops of additional borders (if I'm not already charging for turning the quilt) - $10

However, your bill for this quilt at .04-.05/sq inch will be $400-$500, plus the additional charges I've listed above that you may or may not want to charge. This may be quite a shock for a friend who is thinking .01. I find it always best to give a price estimate range before I start quilting so there's no surprise at the end.

Given that it's a friend, and assuming you didn't have a price discussion in advance, you may want to charge in the $200-$250 price range (unless you know this friend can afford more) and give them an invoice with your regular pricing and showing the discount you're giving them. Let them know that this was a one-time discount while you practiced the technique, and that you'll be charging full price in the future.

Good luck!


Julia Graves

Special Occasion Quilts, LLC

Leesburg Virginia


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Libby, you can do my quilts anytime, Honey! That is just fantastic work!


"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"

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Hi Libby,

Your quilting is absolutely stunning and beautiful!!! You are a great quilter. Be proud of your work; everyone agrees that you did a fabulous job on this quilt.


Sandra Darlington

Darlington Quilts

2005 APQS Liberty, Circle Lord Enhanced or

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Libby, I'd charge no less than $.05 square inch. It's breathtaking.

Also, I'm confused when you say 12-inch ruler for the inside, do you mean that you used Deloa's cross hatch ruler to make the feathers? And the 15-inch for the red part?


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Wow so beautiful. Since I am a beginner I have so many questions on how you place the quilting on a quilt, how you figure it all out so it centers, fits the whole area, etc. wish there was some classes, or someone who was near me to teach me. Love them all....maybe someday. Very beautiful Libby!


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