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OMG SO Excited!

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Originally posted by Bobbi47

girls! It is soooo much more incredible in person! AND you should see the back! Heidi's stitching is absolutely perfect, she made little 1" or 3/4" squares and in the pumpkin seeds, she feathered! OMG and the border is exquisite! Heidi, I am soooo impressed! You are just awesome!

I do have to sneak this in though, my Midnight Roses quilt received a teacher's award!

QwM is a really nice show and it will continue to grow and win acclaim over the next few years! It was created by Long Arm quilters FOR LAQ's. They know what we want and are trying to provide it!

Great job Heidi!!!!

Thanks Bobbi. The back was the biggest suprise to me! It was one of those happy surprises. I'm glad you noticed the feathers...lol I was surprised that none of the judges have said anything about them! LOL go figure. It was a fun quilt to do.

Big congratulations to you on your Teachers Award! Those to me are the most precious!!!!!


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That quilt is amazing, just that outside border alone..How do you do that??? I guess if I ever get back to NY again it will have to be to Heidi's house..but Best of Show....WOW, if and when you ever get off that cloud..what are you doing next?? Hard to top that and working on dark fabric is no easy task, Congratulations-Ribbons are the best because the $$ you spend and forget about, but you always have your ribbons to show off. ENJOY!!

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Originally posted by luv2kwilt

CONGRATS!!! Great job Heidi! So....How long did it take you to quilt it and how big is it?

Thank you so much. The quilt took me about 60 hours to quilt and is 94 x 94. The binding took me a while to do. I think 2 weeks of making all the cording and then cutting it and getting it laid out. It was a fun treatment to do.

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Heidi, I am just so excited! I went in search of your quilts the morning after the awards and when I saw your BEST IN SHOW win I was covered in goose bumps from head to toe! How I wished I had your phone number! So I ran around looking for people I knew that knew who you were -- so I headed for DeLoa! She was thrilled and said she would call you. I then had a class with Irena and I could hardly wait to tell her too. She was thrilled! It ws after that that I discovered you had also won with your beautiful star quilt!!! OMG -- how I wished I had your phone number!

I am now in OKC visiting my brother Norman and his beautiful wife and family. I have a camera full of photos and when I get home on the 3rd of October I will be back on the forum and I will post them also.

Congratulations! It was sooooo exciting for me to see your win!

Best Wishes, Linda

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Thank you all so much! It seems that after this week this is all a blur to me.

Linda thank you so much for the pictures and I should have given you my phone number! LOL it would have been fun to be so excited together. I was so shocked when DeLoa told me what I got! I don't think it sunk in for a while. So amazing, especially with all the talent out there! Thank you so much for sharing your excitement with me. It really gave me a good chuckle. I could feel your excitement through your words! Irena emailed me too. Thanks again!

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