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Rose quilt - now a ribbon winner!

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Such a lovely quilt!

Congrats on a beautiful job, making your customer over the moon happy & ribbons to boot!

I actually cried when one of my favorite customers took her beautiful quilt home, part of you walks out the door forever, so make sure to make at LEAST one quilt a year that you can create & pour your heart into, it does make your soul so happy!:) And a heritage for family!

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The fabric is from Lakehouse and came out at the time of the pattern in the magazine, spring 2008. The bolts with the big roses on sold out fast at most fabric shops. It will probably be quite difficult to find any of this one. I have a friend who made the quilt as soon as the magazine printed the pattern. It was so beautiful that the local quilt shop hung it as a sample and then promptly sold out of the bolts with the big roses on. The local shop had a bolt of the black (like Bobbette's) and a bolt of white (like Heidi's customer). Both were sold out in a few weeks!!

I saw Bobbette's quilt at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show this summer and my friend's was in the white fabric. Both color ways are absolutely stunning!! For those of you who have not seen this quilt done in person...the pictures do not do justice. My friend's was quilted with an e2e design. After seeing Bobbette's with her custom quilting and Heidi's pictures of her quilting I highly recommend that anyone taking the time and effort to piece this fantastic quilt spend the time or money to have it custom quilted.

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