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Just Finished, pretty pleased with this one.

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I finally finished this one and am pretty pleased with it.

This was a quilt design by Rhonda K. Beyer but she never produced a pattern for it.

Sherry Rogers-Harrison made a quilt based on Rhonda's design called "It Ain't Easy Being Green".

I designed my pattern based on a photo of Sherry's quilt and I call it "It Ain't Easy Being Red Either".

Hope you like it.




And the Back,



Last one


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Thank you everyone, you are too kind.

Lisa, I am with you, never found a red I didn't like.

Yes, Sandra, I followed that whole saga too. I can only aspire to be close to as good as Sherry and Rhonda.

Linda, I will bring it to the next Moxies I can come to. I think the next one is while we are gone though. I lost track of when and where it is planned.

Thank you all again.

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