Help need a panto and this quilts not talking!

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It's not a regular meander, how about one with a loop, curve around, heart, wander away, loop, wander, heart, etc. Could do one easily with loops, then a small flower, then loops, etc .. it goes fast and can be any size you need it to be.

lol unfortunately, thats the only idea I have.. Good Luck

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Hi Cheri,

As soon as I saw your quilt top, I thought of the panto "Acorns & Oak Leaves" (Sue Schmeiden) ... I love that panto because it is swirly and has nice oak leaves. The colors in the quilts look kind of like Fall....

Or, what about "Pumpkin Patch" panto... again, kind of the Fall theme.

Or what about a panto with mums in it ("Chinese Mums") or vines, or even, "Calm Water" (Anne Bright) - an all over swirly meander panto... (all the other pantos mentioned are MeadowLyon Designs).

Have fun!


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You say these quilts were being quiet??? How - they are SO loud! and busy - I like the idea of the swirly stuff too - that would be great!

Don't blame you for not wanting to meander them.... I think I would get a headache for sure - really hard to see and follow.

Did she do these by using the English Paper Piecing method? Looks like a very nice piecing job.... ;)

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