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Hi Aussie APQS owners

We're planning our next overseas teacher event for 2011.

We need to make sure that the teachers you're most eager to meet. If you are interested in having an APQS owner teacher, here next year reply to me privately stating, who you would like,

what you would like to learn and what month suits you best.

Best wishes

Sue in Australia

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My number one thing by far is to have the full on APQS maintenance training. Even better if the person doing the training was able to hang about a bit in OZ and install Glide on the Glide capable machines. If this could happen I would also have my name on the list for Bliss in a heart beat.

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Hi Beryl

I'll give you a call later this morning about the Bliss. I'm not sure if you received my recent emails or saw the postings here about the Bliss get togethers. We have another get together coming up in the next few weeks and hope to have a special guest to demonstrate her quilting related product. We'd love to see you.

At this time, Quit glide cannot be retrofitted which is a big shame. Now that I have the Bliss, when I'm doing very intricate quilting I turn off the stitch regulator and find I can do beautiful circles and curves, much nicer than with the sr on. Love that Bliss movement.

I also hold maintenance classes in all states, either one on one or group classes. they follow the same course topics as those run by Amy in the States with the same literature so if you are interested just drop me an email or we can talk later this morning.

Best wishes


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