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Hi everyone, I'm so excited I just had to tell everyone! I've not bought any new DVD's ( longarming of course) for ages, or any new books, but this week I've spent a small fortune and treated myself to no less than 5 DVD's from Linda Taylor ( artistic freeform, advanced AF, Fancy this and That, a feather DVD and a workbook, and Lisa Calle's Feathers of a new Generation (which I've wanted for AGES) and book.)

Because our dollars are on a par, it's such a great deal for us Aussies! On top of that I ordered 4 new pantographs as well.

I'm having some annual leave soon so I will curl up with my DVD's and ENJOY!



Heritage Country Quilting

Western Australia

2009 APQS Millenium, hand guided.

'Waltzing Matilda" or Milly Tilly!

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Good for you Shelley...our exchange rate here in the UK is starting to look better too....enjoy your quilting vacation!


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Millennium 2010 It's Blissful

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Have fun Shelley - I have some of those DVDs too - got the Linda Taylor ones maybe 10yrs ago, so it might be a good time to bring them out and watch them again, sure to pick up on some things I missed first time around.

What is the dollar going to do? Its at an all time high so it could go anyway. Always a great time to buy quilting "stuff" though.

Have a lovely time with all your new tools.

Looking forward to seeing the WA girls in Feb.


sue in australia

APQS Australia

CQ Australia

613 9769 0248

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