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Quilt consult with a potential customer

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I've only had one experience with someone coming for a consultation only to realize afterwards that she was really only there to pick my brain if you know what I mean. She's a member of the guild I belong to, I don't remember seeing any quilts done by her so who knows what she was up to.

I really do like Matts Idea though and if I started to have issues in the future thats how I would handle it.

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Here is the latest on this lady. On Wednesday, I was with a friend and fellow longarmer. We are the co-chairs for our charity work in our quilt guild. Anyway, I was asking her is this had ever happened to her with a potential customer, she said no. So I was telling her what the quilt was like, what the lady wanted, etc. Guess what, my friend has the quilt to custom quilt. The lady delivered it to my friend after work on Monday. I told my friend that I was glad she was quilting the quilt and not me.

So this morning, about 7 AM, according to my answering machine, this potential customer calls and leaves a message. She wanted to stop at my house on her way into work to show this other quilt. Guess what, I was not home. When she does get a hold of me, I might just tell her I am too busy and recommend she call my friend.

Did I mention that when she first called and asked about quilting, I told her that I work from home. She said "Some of us have to work outside of the home." I am really okay with not quilting anything for her. :)

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There are definitely some people whose business you just do NOT need!! It sounds as if she is one of those and that you are better off without her!! ;)

I have had some building work done by a local chap who does exactly the same thing - charges for a "consultation" if you don't then get him to do the work!! It makes sense to me. :)

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