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I just gave this one back to its owner yesterday. She is going to send me the name of the book where I can find the pattern. She said that the book is full of absolutely beautiful baby quilts. I would like to make this one into a lap.

I used SoFine, magna glide, and QD wool. She also used a flannel for the back. The texture is supurb!

I'll post the name of the book and pattern as soon as I find out.





Jessica Noonan

Butterfly Quilting Studio

APQS Freedom SR

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Oh My! How wonderful!! It looks like one could just float down in that sweet thing! Your quilting just just the best. I want to grow up to be you!!!

Just Sew Simple Sylvia Blissett APQS Freedom '09 "Stitch" Circle Lord 2010 “"Until one has loved an animal, Part of their soul remains unawakened.”

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Ah Jess you just made that quilt stunning. Your quilting is beautiful!! I hope to make feathers like you some day



Shepherd's Garden Quilting

APQS Sales Representative

APQS Millenium

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wow, can't believe your feathers, so nice, really made the quilt pop out and the centers on the circles feathers almost like trapunto. Love it


APQS Sales France

Blissed Millie

Quiltazoid equipped

h ttp://

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