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CompuQuilter Question

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My name is Susan (my handle nutz4quilting) and I have been reading this forum for a few months and absolutely love all your comments and wealth of information. I am a newbie and am purchasing a Millie to arrive in January on a Bliss table. So will be joing the ranks and be in the same situation as Hitomi. Can someone tell me if a 2008 CompuQuilter would work with a Bliss table???

Thanks for your advice


2011 Millie Owner with Bliss

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Hi Susan

Stan has designed new hardware to attach the quilting head to the Bliss table. The hardware that comes with a 2008 CQ will not fit as is.

Originally Stan intended to change just the hardware that attaches the CQ to the Bliss table and sewing head, then as he was working on it, he had other ideas and decided that if he changed other parts it would allow him to add new features to the software so that it could do many of the things customers had requested. The new hardware is almost totally different from the original hardware, its neater and much lighter and the new mechanism for locking and unlocking the head to the CQ is quick and easy to operate. The combo of Bliss and new CQ hardware makes a huge difference when freehanding. Most of the original hardware (except the CPU and maybe the motor box (not sure about that) will be replaced. Anyone ordering a CQ from now will get the new set up and the total cost will be $13,500 including training and set up.. Retrofits of the new hardware are self-install with great instructions and come with a full new warranty. There will be an allowance if the old parts are returned and the price of the upgrade is around $2750.

Hope that helps. If you need more specific info give Butch a call at SD and he'll be able to help you out.

Best wishes

sue in australia

sue in australia

APQS Australia

CQ Australia

613 9769 0248

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