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FriendShip Swap Pre-Details


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Can I play in the friendship quilt block sets? I have all the batiks that I did not use for the last quilt due to my Dad passing at the time I should have been sewing. Of course when I find the camera from the husband taking shots of the new foster golden retriever we have I will post the colors.

Also I feel a bit out of place since I did not buy an APQS machine. (Sorry about being heavy on this but it has been bothering me alot.):(:o

Here is a load off of my shoulders.

A month before Dad passed he bought me an Innova quilting machine to help me establish a quilting business. Dad loved to see the lastest and greatest projects I would be working on for family or a friend. As he said, (since I was renting time on a machine) I was gaining alot of experience but not making a profit on the quilts. It was time that I started to make a profit and still enjoy what I loved to do. (Boy I miss my Dad.) ((Tears)) Expect to see alot of yellows (Dad's favorite color.)

I feel like I need to ask forgiveness for not having an APQS machine to be here and participate in the forum.

I know it is silly but as DH says I am too honest. ( yes if there are rules/guidelines/recommendations stated I follow very well.)

I will post the colors tomorrow. Thanks for listening...

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Originally posted by nineva

Is there a way to view the pdf file without having to sign up for a google account? When I click the link it wants me to sign in on google. Maybe someone could just email it to me? Sounds like fun!

you shouldn't have to sign up....huh? i have it set for anyone with the link and you have the link....do you have an Mac computer?

what's your email?

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