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Advice on Trials and Tribulations of the Learning Curve

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Linda, you certainly put a smile on my face! :-)

Putting the blinds down, lol, I suppose I should shut the garage door...........haha,


As for the learning curve, I think it's a matter of practice, not being afraid of the machine, drawling while watching tv, watching others do it and knowing that YOU can do it too.

If you have already been quilting on your dsm then it's just a matter of now moving the "pencil" over the top of the paper instead of the paper moving under the "pencil"

And the most important thing of all is to just have fun. I hope you can find someone near you willing to let you come watch and play.


Originally posted by ffq-lar


A list of things I hope to only do once!!!!!

1. Load a backer upside down.

2. Load a backer over the idler bar.

3. Run over an appendage with the machine.

4. Quilt a foreign object into a quilt.

5. Quilt happily along without checking underneath for tension boo-boos (this will forever be a problem for me--some people never learn!!)

6. Realize if I'm going to dance and sing in my studio I should put down the blinds!

The learning curve is different for everybody but boy, what a ride!!

Who can add to the list?

Linda Rech

Olympia Wa



Tish Marshall


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I've done #2, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 11. Some of them I've done several times. As for learning curve I really believe it never ends. Seems the looks of quilting keep changing. I've lived and quilted in Hawaii for the last 4 years and now I'm back in Texas -I've been to a couple of shows recently and it's like "WOW" where have I been. I thought I did pretty fair quilting in Hawaii, never had less than 20 quilts in the waiting. But now that I've seen all the pretty quilting done here - I feel like I've gotta get back on the ball and meet up with Sherry again and greatly improve my skills to get back on track. So to say it in short I've been longarm quilting for 4 years and still learning.


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Hi Sheila

I arrive in Houston on the 1st around 3pm. Call my cell phone and we will meet. Can't wait to see you!

Sherry Rogers-Harrison

Innova Pro SR 26" with Lightning Stitch and Auto Pilot

206 412-4720


~you can't hurt your eyesight by looking on the bright side~

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