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bobbin case

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Hmmmm. You are talking about the silver case the bobbin goes in and is then placed into the machine? And you do have a longarm?

Place the bobbin in the case so that the thread will unwind clockwise when you pull the thread. Put the thread through the slot and around the tension spring ( flat silver bar with a small screw and another tiny screw.) The thread should come easily out of the hole with a little flat hook and it should pull out fairly easily. Pull out about 6 inches of thread. Hold the bobbin case in your hand with the bobbin case facing the machine and the hinged bobbin retaining "flapper" (quite technical, aren't I?) horizontal. (Hinge to the left) I run the thread along the top of my arm so it doesn't catch on anything. Place in the bobbin area and push until you feel a click. Ta da. It will be correct at only one angle and eventually you can do this without looking! Really!

If this isn't what you need to know, please give us some more info. Lots of helpful people here ready to share.

Linda R

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