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wish us luck

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my baby-Penny Lane- and I are entered in the Wiggle Butts contest in Westcliffe Colorado tomorrow morning.

What in the world is a wiggle butt? I can hear it now. Let me start off by saying that Penny is my baby by another mother-my 5 or 6 six old mix breed dog that has taken a special place in my and all my family members hearts. If she doesn't attend a family outing I get ridiculed. She is my little stalker - as my husband calls her and my sweet loving and under no circumstances proctector.

Now, I know in my heart that Penny Lane has the wigglyest butt of all in the land, but we are actually just joining in the fun of the Western Days Parade and to have a BLAST.

Small town life kiddos, we love were we live and wouldn't give it up for nothing'

Take care to all


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Guest Linda S

Best of luck with your wiggle butt! :D Would love to see some pictures. Small town life is much better than the big city in my opinion. Eugene is getting too big for me.


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