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Wheels - Edgerider or APQS


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I am thinking about replacing the wheels on my Ultimate I.

At the San Diego quilt show, I spoke with a quilter in the A1

booth named Jamie (artist?) who has both an A1 and an

Ultimate I. He asked me which wheels I had on my Ult I.

Original ones as far as I can tell.

I have been thinking about getting Edgerider wheels at

Innovations. He said that the wheels from APQS are better.

Does anybody have personal experience about either new

APQS wheels or Edgerider wheels? I would be interested in

hearing your experiences and opinions on the wheels you


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Guest Linda S

Linda - I've never tried edgeriderr wheels, but I do have the new APQS wheels. They started coming on the new machines a little over a year ago, so I still had the old brown wheels. The new ones are black, and you can also get soft mounts for them. I just got the wheels. They are fabulous. Now - Jamie is not only a fabulous artist, he is a friend of mine, and he knows his stuff!! If he told you that the APQS wheels are better, I'd say he knows what he's talking about. :)

Hope to see you at Innovations!


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Linda & Linda,

This is the "other Linda" (Remember "Larry & Larry & my other brother Darrell?"):P

I guess I would compare the new wheels & or soft mounts to shock absorbers on a car, truly they are like driving through butter, you can't go wrong!!

Let us know how ya like them Linda!;)

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I think my Millie came with brown wheels... I haven't had a reason to change them yet, but the new black ones sound good. I am sure that will a purchase in the near future.

I have been on vacation since Saturday and have been quilting all weekend. Working on quilt #3 as we speak. I know when I retire, I will be quilting alot more than now. (4 monthe left to work)... I can't wait.


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I remember my first Ultimate I. It was so beat up and

neglected. But when the machine was empty, I could give

it the slightest shove, and it would glide for half the length of

the machine....from either end. I have checked for level and

adjusted my wheels per Connie's instructions over the

months but I still can't seem to get that glide. The machine

seems heavy. Wheels or something else?

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You might want to just talk to the edgerider company and ask about the differences. On the apqs I used to own I had the brown wheels. No troubles and they were the only wheels I had owned. They used to get grimy though and dirty, even with q-tip cleaning and wiping down all the time.

I put the edgeriders on my HQ16 they literally are like butter, lol, no kidding, and clean too. Everyday, it is like, wow, these wheels are great. The wheel seems so well engineered. I know the HQ16 is a different machine, but it doesn't hurt to compare.:)


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Hi Ramona

The difference between APQS old wheels and new wheels is mainly that the bearings are much finer in the new wheels and so they will run smoother.

APQS new wheels are made from a very hard material that will not change shape, Edgerider wheels are made from a different material that is changeable and recently some owners have said they have had to replace them because of grooving.

I also believe that in tests when a machine with Edgeriders was left unused for a week or so, because of the nature of the material they are made from they would flatten and then have to be run for a while to reform.

Like Myrna said - if it aint broken ................

Best wishes

Sue in Australia

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When edgeriders first came out some years back there was a problem of flatting with the first material used . It was quickly corrected and they have since not had the problem. No flatting out problem for me, and the gammil people have the very heavy machines on them.

It's probably a good idea to speak to the company directly. no affiliation, just happy with them.:)

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