Learning from each other -- Critiquing my work

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Absolutely beautiful job!

What a shame that the family didn't want this - I can maybe understand odds and ends and fabric pieces - but to give away this! Too sad!

I wonder if they will regret their decisions once they see the finished product! Good luck in the raffle - wish I was closer!

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The quilt is beautiful. Your choice of how to quilt it was "right-on."

Don't second guess your choices, there is always someone else who will second guess for you.

I believe this family wished to share this lady's beautiful work with others, what an unselfish act on their part.:P I would love to see the quilts they kept, I can only imagine their beauty.

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I've seen the quilt top before Georgene quilted it. The top is beautiful, lot's of detail. You should see the carnations (ok they look like carnations) I have no idea how she made them.

Georgene your quilting is super great. I know we discussed using rays in the center but I really love your stipple, it makes the applique stand out. Let me know whey your selling tickets!!! You guys should sell them at the Mid-Atlantic quilt show next month!!!

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Yes, Connie, we talked about radiating rays, and I wanted to do that. I think it would have looked great.

BUT, when I thought about marking, I backed off, in case the lines would remain. I didn't want to take responsibility for washing this beautiful quilt and risking some of the fabrics fading or bleeding. So I went with something I didn't have to mark.

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