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table adjustment? can I raise the table? Help


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Can I raise the table? I am new at this, and I find myself bending down to see the work I have just done. ( so I see what I should be doing) I am only 5'2. How do the tall girls do it? The sewing surface is 36.5" high and the manual does not give any adjustment for the legs. Please help! Thanks, Patti

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Hay Patti::)

I asked the same question, you can raise the table as much as nine inches, depending on how tall you are. I raised mine about 6 in. I'm 5'8".

So far I work from the back mostly, & I could put the table up higher, but if I do, then when I need to do anything at the front the, it would be to high. The "Belly" bar is just a bit higher than my bellybutton.

You could do a "Search" on this subject, & find lots of help/hints on how to find the right hieght for you.

you'll find the search at the top of the page, click on it, then type in a few words that best describe what you need to find out about, in this case "table height", then click on search again. You will get pages of stuff that on the subject.

Good luck,;)

p.s. if you look at "todays post" you will see that Ritathequilter has asked the same question under the title "How high should me table be" check it out:cool:

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