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Lisa Crowley

Metallic thread

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When I've used metallic thread, I use lots of "Sewers Aid" (silicone liquid lubricant) on the spool. You can find it at Joann's or your Local Quilt Shop. Put several (4 or 5) stripes of liquid down the spool and I also use a bit of batting folded in the big eye above your spool holder and I put quite a bit in the batting so that the thread is coated with the silicone. And don't make the mistake that I made by buying a cheap brand. In my opinion, the best metallic for our machines is from Superior. I hope that helps.;)


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All suggestions are spot on. In addition, loosen the tension a lot. Metallic usually breaks because the tension is too tight or the needle gets hot and melts the thread. You can also use a larger eye needle.

I love Superior thread.


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Lisa, I just used metallic for the first time over Christmas and I had no trouble at all with it. I just loosened the tension a lot.



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I've only used metallic thread twice. The first time it worked like a charm and I was thrilled with the look. The second time I could not get it to work for me. I had lots of loops on the back and just couldn't get the tension right. What does everyone use for the bobbin thread? I thought that maybe that was my problem, I used Bottom Line and the metallic thread I have is from Superior. I'd love to be able to use it again.

Thanks for any input and suggestions.


Monrovia Quilting

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