Where I have been..tear jerker..be warned! PICTURE ADDED near end of post

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Kristina as I was reading this story with much dread, with every line I kept seeing how God was there on that lonely rural road, taking care of your lovely family. I am so sorry you were not able to get there, but know you did what was the best thing. May your family continue to heal both physically and emotionally and may your family continue to shine His light.

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Kristina, Praise the Lord for His protection and provision of a Dr coming right after the accident, ambulance driver who brought his own personal vehicle to help transport the kids etc.....so many ways that the Lord had your family in the palm of His hand. I'll be praying along with others about both the outward injuries as well as the emotional injuries that need His touch. One more example of our loving Father taking care of His kids.;)

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Kristina, thank you for sharing this. I am so glad that each and everyone of you is doing well (and improving as needed). I understand how hard it was for you to be stranded in NO. God has been so good to you and your family. He does wonderful things in caring for each of us. I am so glad that no one had any real life altering injuries.

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I see I am late in reading this, but the Lord was looking out for them all while the MAMA was away! AMEN & Praise GOD!

Kudos to your hubby for handling the situation the best he could!

I sure hope you all heal well. Kiss Cheryl for me on her forehead.

Those little children are so precious!

Keep us informed of their recovery.

Hope your hubby keeps watch on his back, as that is the worst pain EVER!

Quilted Hugs to you ALL!

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Oh, Kristina, you must have been terrified to have that happen and be so far away. Thank God everyone is okay; it could have been so much worse. Keep us posted on your husband's back and how he's doing. And poor little Cheryl, but at least she'll have stories to tell!

Sending you hugs!!

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Originally posted by sagebrushquilter

Oh...i did stimulate the economy in nola...while hubby did so in salt lake. Going to try to spend more money today on a van. Difficult to move a family of 9 around.

good luck - with all my shopping skills, the one thing i do not enjoy purchasing is vehicles. ill send some good karma....;)

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