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If this is for you, quilt a "D" for Davenport in a circle on the top section of each boot. If it is a gift, quilt a five-pointed star in a circle. Then stitch a fill all around the circle. The rest would be quilter's choice--whatever fill you like--even a ribbon meander to mimic a lasso (like the lines in the brown fabric) with a knotted loop here and there. Line dance (appropriate, huh?) those stars and the end triangles.

It is great now and will be wonderful quilted!

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I'm going to have to get that pattern!! My grandaughter would love it!! She's in the Daddy can I have a horse phase. Her room is horses and I'm doing a horse quilt for her birthday. They actually have plenty of space for a horse -- 15 acres, and she is learning to ride as one of her best friends has horses. So the boots would also be perfect!!

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Hi Bonnie,

That table runner is adorable!

At one time I made a quilt with boots. I did a looping- almost lasso type meander all over it. The boots are the focus of the project, so a simple quilting design seem more appropriate I felt.

Here is a link to a pic. of the quilting.

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I'm still in the "Daddy, Can I have a horse phase?" I got close once and my granddaughter had a horse for a couple of years. ...sigh...

Those boots are way too cute. I need to make one of those too. I think I have a pattern in one of my magazines but, of course, I haven't any idea which one of the 1000 or so I can't seem to throw away or give away.

The only thing I can think of is rope but it isn't all that easy freemotion. I like everyone else's ideas better.;)

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