Many Pantos for sale-all SOLD-soon will have pattern packs and stencils for sale

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I've cleaned out my quilting room and would like to sell a bunch of pantos that I don't use anymore because I have IQ installed on my LA. Here's a complete listing:

Ebb & Flow - Lorien Quilting

Simple Leaf Pattern - Dave Hudson

Waterworld - Jodi Beamish

Ribbons & Roses - Jodi Beamish

Arabesque - Keryn Emmerson

14" Peacock Meandering - Linda Taylor

8" Peacock Meandering - Linda Taylor

Cowboy Way -Dave Hudson

14" Feather Meandering - Linda Taylor

8" Feather Meandering - Linday Taylor

Dancing Leaves - Keryn Emmerson

Japonica - Keryn Emmerson

Rita's Feathers

12" Goodnight Moon

4" Goodnight Moon border

Leaf & Scroll - Keryn Emmerson

Surfs Up - Dave Hudson

Double Plume - Keryn Emmerson

Cowboy Boot 5" border - Dave Hudson

Rose Vine border

Plus these 8 misc. ones:


Love Bear

Bow Knot

Shells type





I would like to sell these all together so I only have to mail one tube. I'm asking $180.00 for all of them plus shipping them in the tube. I will have to look up the shipping cost when I find out the mailing address to whomever buys them. If you have questions, please e-mail me at Thank you. Kerri

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I've had several people e-mail me for the pantos. If the first one takes them, I'll let everyone know. It'll be a day or so till I can get to the post office to check on shipping the tube of these for the weight, as we are having bad winter weather here. :( At least I have a lot of quilting to do. Thanks for your interest, Kerri

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