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Friendship star swap received list


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i have received the following squishies:

(i will edit as they come in)


laura J in CA

rosa h in CA

gail d in CA


sylvia in MS

cindy in KS


rita K in OH


karen L in OH


peggy b in TX


Kim L in PA

Julie M in NE

Denise O in OH


leslie c from TX

jennifer w in CO


janice d from MO

sara s in AL (they smell good)


kay in scotland


kristie's came!!

leslie M from ME

tracy v in MN

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have done 1 full set....as in 15 w/b and 15 b/w.... 30 blocks with turquoise but intend to do another set with hot pink which is already cut and started......

Life took over big time these last couple of weeks but I'll get there in a couple of days...still got a month...right...15/03/2011???....that's an English date....lol.....!

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I am with you. I have my orange full set done and last night was marking the Half triangles of the yellow set.

Sometimes I think I am slow but I am in good company. The date that I had on the sheet was March 15th. Just before DH's birthday.

We can get them done....

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I usually take my blocks and put them in the return envelope I am sending to doodlebug and have the postal clerk weigh and tell me how much postage and I put that postage, in stamps, on that envelope, then put that envelope, addressed to me, and the blocks into another envelope, addressed to doodlebug, and get that weighed and sent. Clear as mud? This time I will probably do priority mail since I'm sending two sets and save having to buy envelopes.

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I just sent my two sets today so you should receive them by the 12th or 14th. One set of green and one set of orange. I have been moved to the third shift (11pm to 7am) this last week so I am very disoriented! Hard to sleep! Oh well, I got them done and in the mail. This is the first swap I have participated in and am looking forward to getting the squishie in the mail!!

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I got mine in the mail this morning. The postman said it would be no problem getting there by the 15th. Hope he's right:)

This is my first swap too, and I am apologizing up front, because I had major issues with my sewing machine this week. They're not perfect, but I think everyone can make them work. Excited to see all the colors.

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